When I first watched Epidode I, I was confused as to the nature of the movie and its plot because I was young and I didn't understand why the story was going backwards from the original trilogy I loved so much.  Yet even though I didn't know much about the storyline, and I had just been told that Anakin was the boy who would become Darth Vader, the second I saw Anakin and Amidala interact—I knew.  I knew they would be together.  How did I know? I'm not really sure, exactly.  I remember thinking... 'yeah, but he is a little young for her...', yet somehow still knowing that their destinies were bound together.  What is it about them that makes their connection so obvious? What act of fate had this written out from the beginning?  An act that was so beautifully started with the words "Are you an angel?"

These acts of the feature story are my take on it, from Amidala's perspective; if you want to get to know the two key players first, feel free...


An overview of this jedi's journey from cute Ani to menacing Vader...


An overview of this enduring and endearing woman's life and love...

Act One

The first interaction between Anakin and Amidala after the events of The Phantom Menace.

Act Two

Four years after Act One, Anakin and Amidala are haunted by visions of a future that they have unconsciously already begun to create...

Act Three

A more in-depth look of the events and emotions that created the flare of Episode II up to the Balcony Scene.

*NEW!!!* Act Four

Amidala's desire has been awakened, but she has a duty as a Senator. Can she quell the butterflies in her stomach long enough to maintain her friendship with Ani?

The Tragedy

It started so beautifully, so perfectly, so magically... but I think we can all admit that the reason we are so drawn to this pair is because we know that they are the 'Romeo and Juliet' of Star Wars, and this idea of 'star-crossed lovers' keeps us continually desiring more.  The tragedy was meant to be as well, and we endure it by holding on to the thought of a happy ending…

These acts of the feature story begin to turn to the tragedy...
Coming Soon!