A Week With the Skywalker/Solos
The comedy short that started it all. The Skywalker/Solos take a vacation to planet Earth, discovering its odd customs. Vader and his 'precious angel' are reunited, Darth Maul puts out an add for a rooom mate, and Palpatine brings pie. Bring on the madness!

A Year With the Skywalker/Solos: Part One, Part Two
An enormous round robin based on the above story, where anything and everything can and will happen. Luke gets a job as an actor, Jaina gets over her crush on Maul, and Vader discovers the soothing effects of gardening and gets together with his old working buddies. Padme prooves that middle age has had no effect on her love life-- she is once more carrying Vader's child. Not to mention, as always, the rejects are bumbling not far behind.

A Christmas With the Skywalker/Solos
Padme and Vader have been invited to the Connor house for a Christmas party, and Jaina is desperate to go, no matter how many times they tell her she's too young. Concocting a plan, she attempts to sneek in-- will the rejects once more spoil her plans? Will Vader kill them for endangering his roses? Will the insanity ever end? We hope not.

A Valentine's Day With the Skywalker/Solos
February 14th, the holy day for lovers... or unholy, when the rejects get ahold of it.

An April Fool's Day With the Skywalker/Solos
Palpaine and Vader engage in a contest o see how is the most evil tickster.

A Father's Day With the Skywalker/Solos
Vader celebrates his re-introduction to Fatherhood with Rose, while Luke and Han endevour to find out what their spouses are up to. For the birth of Rose, check the The Skywalker/Solos Strike Back thread on the JC.